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P.A.W.S. of America
Pet Association With Service, Inc.
38114 Huron Pointe Dr.
Harrison Township,MI 48045

Tel: 586.463.8010 Fax: 586.463.3346

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P.A.W.S. of America is an association of independent retailers in the pet industry. As an independent retail group, we seek to remain strong in a very competitive industry by combining the buying power of independents to receive excellent discounts on items shared by most independent retailers.

Advertising becomes more cost-effective as a group. Economies of scale allow each member to afford quality advertising and promotion, at a fraction of the cost of producing individual ad campaigns.

Most manufacturers and suppliers appreciate the knowledge that the independent retailers possess concerning the personal selling and promotion of their product lines with their customers.

Mission Statement

Our goal as independent pet supply stores is to gain more visibility in the eyes of the customer and dispel the myth that good product selection, prices and service can only be found in the superstores.

We will strengthen this commitment through the personal attention of knowledgeable owners and staff,


Edie Dolinar
Edie Dolinar, Director 
P.A.W.S. of America 
Pet Association With Service, Inc.
Since 1994